Make $0.10-$10.00 per/day With Cash n Hits Methods

If you want to try this methods, you must REGISTER HERE before you try this methods.

After you have registered, you must create account at HERE. That site is 1 of the top domain's that cashnhits accepts where you will earn more for your PTP Hits than in other sites. Shorten your ptp link with then add it to HERE.

And then you must download this bot from HERE. And Enter your easyhit4u username at this site this site auto active account for you.

Run the bot then allocate your hits to your ptp link that u put in easyhit4u

Now watch your earning start increasing
If u upgrade on cashnhits you can earn even more

You can also earn 7 other ways

Earn by Clicking Ads
Earn through AutoSurfing
Earn by Viewing Videos
Earn by Liking the Webpages
Earn by Completing Offers
Earn through Traffic Exchange
Earn by Clicking Email Ads

Don't forget for creating account at HERE and HERE  before try this methods and get money for easy.


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